World Smokefree Day

World Smokefree Day is on 31 May and is about celebrating and working towards smokefree/auahi kore lives for New Zealanders.

Internationally, World Smokefree Day is known as World No Tobacco Day, and is celebrated annually on 31 May.

World Smokefree Day is celebrated and delivered at a local level through the theme being applied to current initiatives and priorities. Regional teams provide a collaborative approach and touchpoints for anyone wanting to get involved. 

The objectives of World Smokefree Day in New Zealand are:

  • Raising awareness and contributing to the achievement of the Smokefree 2025 goal 
  • Enabling better collaboration, planning and coordination of work within regions and across the country.
  • Raising awareness of the Smokefree kaupapa with the underlying objectives of reducing exposure to second-hand smoke and increasing quit attempts.
  • Enabling continuity and consistency of messaging and creative within regions and across the country.
  • Building on and complementing current work in tobacco control.

If you have any questions about World Smokefree Day, email:

About the Theme

The theme for WSFD 2015 is ' It's about whānau.'

Whānau is a driving force for many people wishing to protect others from the harms of second-hand smoke. This is a common cause for all people, cultures, communities and whānau. The call to action is for smokers and non-smokers to take control and stop exposing others to second-hand smoke, especially children.

World Smokefree Day also provides an opportunity to encourage and help those who want to quit smoking and support friends and whānau on their quit journey.

World Smokefree Day 2015 Imagery

HPA have consulted with the WSFD planning group and wider sector to produce new artwork to represent World Smokefree Day 2015.

The artwork has been designed to contribute to raising awareness and understanding of the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 goal while promoting WSFD. The artwork reflects the importance of tobacco control work benefitting whānau and that the protection of our children and future generations is central to the Smokefree kaupapa.

Artwork themes worth noting include:

  • Smokefree NZ 2025 logo positioned on the waharoa denotes the importance the goal has as a gateway to our future and our past.
  • The imagery supports the key message 'It’s about Whānau' and depicts the importance of whānau and the protection of children and future generations.
  • The Southern Cross provides a sense of national identity adding to the notion of collaboration, collective strength, and pathways to achieve a single goal for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tools and Resources

HPA have produced a range of tools and resources to support initiatives that utilise the 'It’s about Whānau' theme. HPA allocate resources to World Smokefree Day facilitators and a range of resources will also be available to purchase from Signature Promotions.

See  2015 Tools and Resources for more information.

Regional World Smokefree Day Teams

 Individuals and organisations with an interest in tobacco control in regions around the country have formed regional World Smokefree Day teams. The teams offer a good mix of knowledge, experience and resource to help ensure regional events support and complement each other

This approach is continued in 2015 with a regional World Smokefree Day facilitator appointed within regions.

See who the regional facilitator is in your region.


World Smokefree Day provides the perfect opportunity for pharmacists play a key role in supporting their staff, customers and communities to become smokefree.

To help your customers quit talk to them about Nicotine Replacement Therapy and the products you sell or you can refer them to Quitline ( or 0800 778 778), so along with the local support services, they know where to go to for help. You may want to have the contact details of local support services printed out to give away to customers. See the 'Quitting' section  for more about supporting others to quit.

You can also get involved and show support of World Smokefree Day by displaying the 2015 resources with customers and in your pharmacy. See  2015 Tools and Resources for more information.


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