Smokefree 2025

In March 2011 the New Zealand Government committed to a goal of New Zealand becoming smokefree by 2025.

What does Smokefree New Zealand 2025 mean?

  • Our children and grandchildren will be free from exposure to tobacco and tobacco use

  • The smoking prevalence across all populations will be less than 5%. The goal is not a ban on smoking.

  • Tobacco will be difficult to sell and supply.


How can we help make Smokefree New Zealand 2025 a reality?

Remember - it's an achievable goal. By working together we can achieve the vision of a Smokefree Aotearoa 2025.

Through simple steps, with whānau, school, community or organisations, we can make this happen! Have smokefree events, smokefree cars, ask whānau to not smoke around the kids, talk to kids about being smokefree - even if you are a smoker it still helps. And we need to encourage and support more people to quit.

To increase awareness of the Smokefree 2025 goal, a Smokefree/Auahi Kore Aotearoa/New Zealand 2025 logo has been developed. It includes the current Smokefree/Auahi Kore logo to build on already-established brand recognition. Inclusion of the date supports the government’s commitment to achieving a Smokefree/Auahi Kore New Zealand by 2025.  

We encourage you to embrace and use the logo as we work together to achieve a Smokefree/Auahi Kore Aotearoa/New Zealand.The logo can be used in the same way as the Smokefree and Auahi Kore logos.

Read the Government's final response to the report of the Māori Affairs Committee on the inquiry in to the tobacco industry in Aotearoa and the consequences of tobacco use for Māori, (released March 2011).


Use the logo

There are a number of variations of the logo in a number of different formats (jpeg, eps, psd, pdf).

Check out the brand guidelines to see what's available...

Download the logos... Or

Contact us if you would like copies of the logo (specifying which format you would prefer).


Where did the 2025 goal come from?

For a long time tobacco control around the world has strived to create a smokefree world.

In New Zealand there have been a number of documents that have led to the development of Smokefree Aotearoa 2025.

Read a summary of the documents...


2025 documents

NB: The following documents may be updated at any time, reflecting the work of the tobacco control sector.

Tupeka Kore Aotearoa 2020 - Achieving the Vision. March 2010 Maori Affairs Select Committee Report. November 2010
Government Response to Maori Affairs Select Committee Report. March 2011 Tobacco Control Sector Seminar Key Points. November 2011
Ministry of Health Priorities (presentation). November 2011 Smokefree 2025 Brand. November 2011
Next Steps. December 2011 Smokefree 2025 Logic Diagram. January 2012 + notes - updated 7th August

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